It pays to have professional local movers pack and move your belongings as they know how to pack and transport items properly. This is especially important if you have heavy furniture to move. Naturally, what type of piece you are moving should be considered as well as the type of equipment used to transport it. According to our movers, the following tips will enable you to move any heavy furnishings with ease.

1. Rent a Dolly

You can save your back by renting a dolly. A utility dolly—one that is upright that features two wheels—is ideal for moving stacked boxes and holding breakables. A furniture dolly, which features a flat base and four wheels, enables the user to move large furnishings. Just make sure the furniture is secured well. You should have someone help you if you are moving the items up and down steps or up the ramp of a moving truck.

2. Wrap Your Furniture in a Blanket

If you care about the furniture you are moving, you should wrap it in a blanket or pad. The soft and secure cushioning can be wrapped around a couch, keep it protected from dust natural steroide kaufen clomid 100mg deutschland, or around an antique to keep it scratch-free.

3. Use Moving Straps

Moving straps are another must-have item when moving heavy furnishings. Use the straps to move such items as a couch, big screen TV, or a household appliance. Anything that requires more than one set of hands requires a strap. Not only do the straps prevent back injuries, but they can also be used to secure an item to a dolly once it has been transported onto the moving truck. Ropes can be used similarly.

4. Use Scissors and Packing Tape

You simply cannot move anything—heavy furniture or boxes—without the aid of scissors and packing tape. Packing tape can be employed to secure the corners of a blanket or to secure furniture parts. Use packing tape to hold tools and screws on the underside of desks and tables as well. Tape can also be used to tape up packages or boxes during transport.

5. Make Moving Easier Up and Down Steps

If you are moving heavy furniture up or down stairs, a stair roller is invaluable. The device can be easily attached, permitting heavy items to roll lithely down a set of stairs. A stair roller is particularly helpful when you are navigating heavy items up and down carpeted stairs.

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